What size power converter do I need for my RV?

This question from RV owners is the most common question we receive daily. RV Power Converters have come a long way over the years, allowing consumers to buy direct, saving money in the process. RV batteries are a much more expensive replacement so making sure you have a top power converter is important. Converters are much easier to install and most mechanics will charge 3-5 times more for them to install in your RV unit. The power converter is a very important part of a functioning RV that travels regularly.

What is a Power Converter? A power converter changes the 120 volt AC power to 12 volts DC, which is compatible with the low-voltage electrical systems and batteries. The power supplied by the converter can take the place of the power from the batteries and can also recharge them.

The answer to the question “What size power converter do I need for my RV?”

The longer answer would be to add up all the 12V appliances, lights, jacks, slideouts and see what the amperage equals and that will tell what size converter you’d need.

(Our Suggestion) The most popular power converter sold is the Powermax 55Amp PM3-55LK. This converter is the best-priced 55Amp 12V converter on the market and will handle your power needs.

You can use our charts on our websites to see the replacements for your current converter. comparison-chart

The PowerMax PM3 Series convert 110Vac power to 12Vdc power to charge a battery and/or power 12V equipment. With the state of the art 3 Stage Smart Charging and adjustable power supply modes, the PowerMax AC to DC power converter/battery charger are engineered with the user and variable environmental conditions in mind. They will fully charge and maintain any battery type while providing very clean DC power. Ideal for use in RV, Automotive, Boat, Car Audio, or any applications where battery charging and/or 12V power is needed.

If you are looking at replacing your WFCO WF-9855 the PM3 -55LK is the unit to upgrade in your RV. PowerMax has all RV Products available.

Having your battery or converter go bad on your trip can be an absolute nightmare. Most of the time customers panic and have no idea why their power isn’t working or what to do about the situation. With the PM3-55LK costing between on average $120-$150(one tank of Gas), the situation can be fixed with this simple part. We even suggest to customers to have an extra converter on hand, just in case something happens during your trip. They are small enough for easy storage and a mechanic will charge $300-$500 for this same part. Save time and hassle by upgrading to this PowerMax Converter!

Buy new converters:

Powermaxconverters.com https://powermaxconverters.com/product/pm3-12v-series/



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