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The PowerMax PMX Series of Power Inverters are designed to provide clean 120 Volt AC Power from a 12V battery or bank for many applications. Our PowerMax Inverters provide a Pure Sine Wave output which is essential to efficiently running a wide variety of sensitive electronic devices such as Office Equipment, Computers, Power Tools, Kitchen appliances, Microwaves and Home Electronics like TV, and more.

Our Inverters include 110Vac Pass through technology with a built-in switch, which allows the unit to be connected to a 110Vac input source to power the AC side, when this fails it will switch to draw from the 12Vdc batteries that are connected.

These are a must-have item for any Motorhome to run the 110V equipment when camping off-grid without a 110Vac supply

Features Include:

  • Inverts 12V DC to 120V AC
  • Maximum continuous Output Power 3000 Watt
  • 110Vac Pass through with built-in Transfer Switch
  • Meets 120V AC electronic appliance safety operating standard.
  • It can be used to power most electronic appliances or equipment.
  • 20ft On/Off Remote


  • MAX continuous Output Power 3000 Watts
  • Peak Output Power: 6000 Watts (0.3 sec)
  • DC Input Static Current (No Load): ≤ 1.5 Amp
  • AC Output Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
  • Low Voltage Alarm: 10.5 ± 0.5V
  • Low Voltage Cut Off Level: 10.5V
  • Auto-reset after shut-down: 12 V ±0.5V
  • High Voltage Cut Off Level: 15V-16.5V
  • Output AC Voltage: AC 115V ± 10% RMS
  • Output Frequency Level: 60 ± 1Hz
  • Overload Power Range: 3000 Watts +5-30%
  • 4 x AC Outlets (2 x GFCI)
  • USB Power Port Output V/A: DC 4.7-5.3V / 2100mA
  • Full Load Optimum Efficiency: ≥ 85%
  • AC Output Short Circuit Protection: system shut down (no damage)
  • Temperature Protection: < 65°C
  • Cooling Fan: Dependant on inner temperature rising above ≥ 45°C
  • LED Indicators: normal/Green, fault/Red
  • Remote Control Feature: Yes, available separately

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PMX 001:

Remote with on/off switch and 10ft cable

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 14.75 × 10.5 × 4.75 in

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