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Smart Trickle Charger – PMMC Series


The PMMC Series 11-Stage Smart Battery Charger is the best choice to provide the correct charging, reconditioning and maintenance for 6 &12V batteries for Car, Marine, RV and many types of Recreational Vehicles

The PMMC Series 11 steps Smart Charging Mode represents some of the most innovative and advanced technology on the market today, to optimize each charge cycle for the best battery life and performance. It is quite possibly the safest and most efficient charger you will ever use.

The PMMC Smart Battery Charger has a REPAIR mode feature which helps to recover any old, damaged, stratified, or sulfated batteries. It is also designed for charging multiple types of batteries including 12V Lead Acid, Wet (Flooded), Gel, MF (Maintenance-Free), CA (Calcium), EFB (Enhanced Flooded), AGM (Absorption Glass Matt) and 6V Lead-Acid batteries.

The PMMC Series is Lithium compatible too for charging the LiFePO4 batteries

The PMMC Series is available in 4 & 7.2 Aamp sizes and is suitable for charging battery capacities from 2 to 240 Amp-Hours and maintaining all battery sizes, making this the ideal charger for any 6 and 12V Car, Motorcycle & Marine Battery



  • Provides an 11 Stage Smart charging cycle to recharge, recover and maintain a 6/12V battery
  • Suitable for multiple battery types – Lead Acid, Flooded, AGM, GEL, LifePO4, and more
  • Available in 2 sizes – 4 & 7.2 Amp output
  • IP 65 Rated – Ideal for Marine use
  • Power Supply Mode to power 12V equipment
  • Repair Mode – to recover an old, damaged, stratified, or sulfated battery
  • Informative LCD Display with multiple user settings
  • Includes cables with clamps
  • Reverse Polarity protection and warning
  • 3-Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty


PMMC Spec Sheet          PMMC 04 Manual          PMMC 07 Manual



Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

4 Amp, 7.2 Amp

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