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PMBC Series

PowerMax PMBC Series – Battery Charger & Maintainer

The PMBC Series Battery Charger Maintainer is the best choice to provide proper battery support, the most important step for the vehicle before beginning any Diagnostics, Calibration, Reflash, or electronic scan process.

Standard Battery chargers or a jump box are not recommended as they will not provide the proper battery support to the vehicle. Battery chargers can overcharge and “cook” a battery, and jump boxes can go dead or lose their charge over time.

A quality battery voltage maintainer provides uniform voltage to the vehicle for longer
periods of time compared to an unsupported battery. The bottom line is to make sure that
before you begin any diagnostic or vehicle electronic scan using the PMBC Series, the
car has proper battery support to provide the best possible outcomes.
When vehicle voltage levels fall below normal levels, diagnostic results are no longer
accurate. Fluctuations in battery voltage can also cause additional codes to appear. If an
unsupported battery fails, or fluctuates, during programming it can cause the programming
to fail, which can be very costly.


  • Provides a constant clean Fixed Output Voltage for Power Supply during diagnostics and reprogramming through a fully regulated DC output.
  • Available in 75A, 100A and 120A outputs
  • Output Voltage can be Fixed between 13Vdc – 16.5Vdc to meet vehicle battery requirements including Lithium (Typically 13.8V)
  • Smart Battery Charging mode for general battery care and maintenance – 14.6Vdc / 13.6Vdc / 13.2Vdc (Factory Setting)
  • Digital Output Voltage Display
  • Includes 15 feet cables with clamps
  • On/Off Switch
  • LED indicator to show unit is on and working

Multiple Protection Features Include:

  • Overtemp protection
  • Brownout Input
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Over and Under Current
  • 2-Year Warranty (1 Year on Cables)
  • Optional 45* Angled Clamps with 4-AWG Cable available

PMBC Spec-Sheet          PMBC-ADJ Info Sheet

PMBC ADJ – Manual

** For Bulk Orders and Dealer Accounts call 941-201-8041 for discounted pricing**

Adjustable Model Includes;
Smart Charging and Fixed Output Modes, Voltage adjustment, Digital Voltage Display, Handle, On/Off Switch

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15ft 6 AWG – Straight Clamp, 15ft 4 AWG Heavy Duty with 45` Angled Clamp, 55 Amp, 75 Amp, 75 Amp AGL, 100 Amp, 100 Amp AGL, 120 Amp, 120 Amp AGL

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